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Carlsen Wine Pumps

Carlsen and Associates manufactures a wide range of solutions for your fluid needs. We provide efficient pump systems for the transfer of wine and must throughout the winery. You can select from three different pump families to fit your needs. Contact our sales staff to help you find the right solution. If you are bottling, pumping over or moving must, our Yamada Air Pumps, Waukesha Positive Displacement Pumps or Centrifugal Pumps have the capabilities for your needs.

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Positive Displacement Pumps
Waukesha Positive Displacement Pumps are your best solutions for bottling, juice transfer, pump overs, barrel work and must pumping. We offer six models for handling these tasks. The unique design of the rotary lobes and the suction that is created with this pump minimizes the destruction of solids in your juice. The versatility and quality of the Carlsen Waukesha Positive Displacement Pumps has made them the wine industry’s standard for all pumps.
Waukesha 30

Waukesha 30 Wine Pump: Versatile with Low Volume 0-30 gpm

Waukesha 40

Waukesha 40 Wine Pump: Barrels and Mid-Range Volume 0-40 gpm

Waukesha 60

Waukesha 60 Wine Pump: Juice and Barrels 0-60 gpm

Waukesha 130

Waukesha 130 Wine and Must Pump: Must, Barrels and Transfers 0-135 gpm

Waukesha 220

Waukesha 220 Wine and Must Pump: Must and Transfers 0-220 gpm

Waukesha 320

Waukesha 320 Wine and Must Pump: High Volume Must and Transfers 0-320 gpm

Centrifugal Pumps
Our Waukesha Centrifugal 200 Series Pumps are mainly used in wineries for the pump over process and juice transfers. With the over-sized housing in our HV Series, or the large impeller size in the 2085 Series, the pump allows solid particles to pass without damaging their structure. In addition to the winemaking benefits, the pumps unique seal system allows for simple and carefree maintenance. Another ideal pump in our line-up.
Waukesha 2065/10 Washdown Pump

Waukesha 2065/10 Washdown Pump: Tank Cleaning with High Water Pressure 0-80 gpm 80 psi

Waukesha 2065HV/5 Wine Pump

Waukesha 2065HV/5 Wine Pump: Pump Overs 0-140 gpm

Waukesha 2085/10 Washdown Pump

Waukesha 2085/10 Wine Pump: Pump Overs and Transfer 0-300 gpm

Waukesha 2085/15 Washdown Pump

Waukesha 2085/15 Wine Pump: Transfers and more 0-350 gpm

Waukesha 2105/20 Washdown Pump

Waukesha 2105/20 Wine Pump: High Volume Transfers 0-450 gpm

Waukesha 2105/25 Wine Pump

Waukesha 2105/25 Wine Pump: Higher Volume Transfers 0-550 gpm

Air Pumps
For simplicity of use and gentleness on your juice the Yamada Air Pump is another winner in the Carlsen Pump line-up. We have sold a few other air pumps over the years but upon our introduction of the Yamada Air Pump into the wine industry there has been no better. These pumps are ideal for juice pans, pump overs, topping and barrel work. Choose from five different models to fulfill your needs.
Yamada NDP 15 Wine Pump

Yamada NDP 15 Wine Pump: Topping System 0-10 gpm

Yamada NDP 25 Wine Pump

Yamada NDP 25 Wine Pump: Easy to Use with Low Volume 0-30 gpm

Yamada NDP 40 Wine Pump

Yamada NDP 40 Wine Pump: Barrels and Pump Overs 0-60 gpm

Yamada NDP 50 Wine Pump

Yamada NDP 50 Wine Pump: Barrels and Transfers 0-140 gpm

Yamada NDP 80 Wine Pump

Yamada NDP 80 Wine Pump: High Volume 0-200 gpm

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